Corporate License Manager
Posted by Admin - NPAV on November 07 2012 09:50 AM
Now your Corporate Customers (having more than 5 NPAV licenses) can manage their licenses centrally from NPAV-Corporate License Manager web-site.

Very useful feature for System Administrators, Service Providers and Dealers 
Steps to use Corporate License Manager:
1. Register for Corporate-ID :
  i. Follow this link:
  ii. Fill and submit the form.
  iii. Note-down the Corp-ID.
2. Get Password for login :
  i. Follow this link:
  ii. Find "Forgot Password / Do not have Password? To Get Password Click Here" link and click on it.
  iii. Enter email-id one which was entered at the time of registration and click on "Get Password" button.
  iv. Check email-id for Password.
3. Login to Corporate Customer License Manager : 
  i. Once you have Password, login to Corp. License Manager by using registered Email-Id and Password.
  ii. Add all NPAV licenses that you have, find "Add New License" button.
  iii. All license list will be displayed.

Connect Machine to Corporate License Manager :

  To connect each machine, follow these steps:
  i. Go to each PC and run this Application -> C:\Program Files\Net Protector 2013\ZVSCAN\CCLM(.exe)
  ii. Tick "Connect to Corporate License Manager" and click on OK button.
  iii. Optionally, if you want to see Detailed Scan Reports of each day, then tick "Send Reports" and click OK button.
5. Check Live Status of each License / Machine:
  i. After connecting Machines to Corporate License Manager, you can see Live status of each machine.
  ii. Check Virus Counts, Expiry Dates, AntiVirus Service Status, Scan Reports and much more...
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